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Refinishing a Wood Door in Houston, TX: Tips and Techniques

refinishing a wood door

Did you know that a wood door can last 20-50 years? Well, its lifespan depends on the wood type and care level. In particular, refinishing a wood door is essential to its durability.

Exposure to snow, wind, rain or UV rays can wear down the finish of a wood door over time. You can tell that the door needs refinishing if it has a cracked, peeled, or dry varnish.

Specific tips and tricks can help you start if you consider refinishing your wood door. Find out more below:

Examine the Door

Use the touch test to assess the status of your wood door. The test involves rubbing your fingers over the door’s inner surface.

It has very little surface damage if the surface feels glassy or smooth. But, if the surface feels rough or dry, it suggests that the door needs some maintenance and tune-up.

Besides the touch test, a visual inspection can help you tell the state of your door. Check for signs of discoloration, chipping, or cracks during the inspection.

Decide Whether to Refinish or Replace the Door

Before contacting a door refinishing expert, you must decide whether to replace or refinish the door. If the surface shows signs of severe damage, replacing it is a good idea. These signs include moisture damage, air leaks, and space between the frame and door.

You should also replace the door if it has air leaks, contributing to high energy bills. Do that, too, if you notice extensive chips or cracks in the wood.

Ask your wood door expert to inspect the door for signs of damage. The inspection results will help you decide whether the door is in good condition.

Choose the Right Finish

Wood door refinishing companies usually present clients with different options. These options include wood stain, spar varnish, and paint. Each of them has pros and cons that you should look into.

Go for a wood stain for a classic look that adds formality and elegance to your property. Spar varnish is suitable for outdoor use and comes with UV protection. Painting offers a broader selection of colors, practical and weather-resistant finish, and easy clean-up.

Maintain the Refinished Surface

With the right level of care, the finish can last several years. Maintenance also helps the refinished wood surface look great for years to come.

You can care for your refinished wood door through regular cleaning (with mild soap and warm water). The cleaning frequency depends on the door’s location and the occupants of your property. Frequent cleaning is advisable for exterior doors and households with kids or pets.

Other ways to care for the refinished surface include lubricating and using caulks in joints. Dusting at least once weekly can also prevent corrosive agents from settling in.

Need Professional Help With Refinishing a Wood Door?

Refinishing a wood door helps protect it from corrosion and decay. And the best time to do this is when you see signs of rot or discoloration on the surface.

Caring for a wooden door can sometimes be daunting and challenging. Count on Sturdy Doors for door repair, refinishing, weather-stripping, painting services, and deck and fence restoration. Let the door, deck, and fence masters give your property a makeover.

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