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    We Refinish Wood Doors

    Welcome to Sturdy Doors. Operating from Kemah, located in Houston, TX, TX, Sturdy Doors takes pride in refurbishing your wooden entrance by transforming it from a worn out appeal to a glamorous one. Our team is made up of polishing experts with the necessary know-how to revive your wooden front door, giving it a spectacular finish!

    So, perhaps you are wondering; what is door refinishing? Essentially, door refinishing relates to a specialized approach to restoring a door. This process especially applies to wooden doors and involves extensive cleaning, mending, and re-colouring or staining aimed at bringing it back to its original state or improving it.

    Are you scouting for outstanding door polishing services in Kemah, Houston, TX? Your search ends at Sturdy Doors Refinishing! This company stands out in Houston for its remarkable job in restoring the splendor of front doors. Numerous households and business premises across the city have reaped the benefits of our services, a fact affirmed by their glowing reviews about our fine work and commitment.

    Whether you need a garage door, an office gateway, or your home’s front door restored, Sturdy Doors Refinishing assures top-level restoration techniques that can make your door look fabulous again. If you’re asking, “What’s the best door refinishing service near me?”, or seeking leading door refinishing firms in Texas, you need not look any further than Sturdy Doors Refinishing situated in Houston. With a professional staff dedicated to providing top-notch service, we guarantee that your doors are polished to sheer perfection.

    We Are Door Professionals

    A Specialty Company That Has Perfected the Door Refinishing Process To A Science. Let The Refinishing Masters At Sturdy Doors Restore Your Front Door.


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    Sturdy Doors Refinishing

    Welcome to Sturdy Doors Refinishing: Your Expert in Door Restoration

    At Sturdy Doors Refinishing, our experts are skilled in bringing new life to your doors and enhancing their durability. We invite you to explore the numerous advantages of door refinishing, learn about our unique procedure, and acquire maintenance advice.

    Why Refinish Your Doors?

    • Improve the aesthetic of your household.
    • Extend the longevity of your doors.
    • Elevate your property’s worth.
    • Shield your doors against weather conditions.
    • Experience a cost-saving alternative to door replacement.

    Our Door Refinishing Approach

    1. Assessment: We begin our process by gauging your door’s current condition.
    2. Preparation: Thorough cleansing and sanding to establish a flawless surface.
    3. Application: Utilizing top-tier finishes to give your doors a pristine look.
    4. Sealing: Affording your door protection against environmental factors.
    5. Final Inspection: Spectacular attention to detail ensuring perfect results.

    Selecting Your Front Door’s Best Finish

    • Consider the door material’s compatibility with the chosen finish.
    • Take into account your region’s weather.
    • Opt for finishes that accentuate your home’s external appearance.
    • Choose finishes boasting UV protection for sustained beauty.

    Experience the Transformation with Our Refinishing Services

    • Delight in a front door with a fresh, new look.
    • Achieve greater durability and sturdiness.
    • Benefit from our extensive expertise and experience in the field.
    • Receive bespoke services specifically adjusted to your requirements.

    Preserving Your Newly Refinished Front Door

    • Clean your door consistently using a soft cloth and light cleaning agent.
    • Avoid harsh chemicals which might harm the finish.
    • Perform routine checks for symptoms of wear and tear.
    • Reapply sealant when required to sustain optimum protection.

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    Houston, TX Points Of Interest

    Welcome to Houston! A Diverse and Cultural Metropolis!

    Historical Foundation

    Initiated in the year 1836 by the Allen brothers and named in honor of General Sam Houston, Houston, perfectly positioned in the southeastern region of Texas, has grown from a humble railroad center to a vast global metropolis and is now the fourth-largest city in all of the United States.

    Weather and Climate

    Experiencing a humid subtropical climate, Houston presents identifiable weather patterns. Characteristic scorching and humid summers are balanced by moderately cool winters. The city also occasionally grapples with hurricanes, a result of its close location to the Gulf of Mexico.

    A Melting Pot of Cultures

    The city embodies a rich blend of diverse cultures, an element reflected in its array of attractions. From the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts, which are highly recommended for art aficionados and history buffs, to Space Center Houston that provides valuable insights into NASA’s space missions – the city has something for everyone.


    Houston is also home to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, considered one of the busiest international passages in the United States, making the city easily accessible globally.

    Reliable Resources

    For a more in-depth understanding of Houston, City-Data offers comprehensive statistics and information. Constant updates from the local government on various programs and announcements are crucial and can be accessed on the official government website.


    Far from being only an economic bastion, Houston is a city steeped in history, culture, and diversity. Whether you are a local resident or a transient visitor, Houston never fails to have something appealing and engaging for everyone.

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